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6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

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Healthy Recipes and healthy eating have become a major problem in the present world of junk. But with the increased education, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of the healthy eating. The saying, “You are what, you Eat” is rightly said and that is why it is getting more important to eat healthy and good.

It is the rule of nature that before considering the diet of you, mothers try to improve the diet of their children. If you are the one considering the health of your little one, then you are at the right place. I am going to give you a list of the simple and healthy recipes that are best meant for kids.

So let us have a look at the tasty and healthy recipes for kids:


6 Healthy Recipes for Kids that are Worth Trying:

Children are often very picky when it comes to eating. So try to consider the choice of your child while making the food for them. Check these recipes and try them:

#1: Blueberry Oatmeal Bars:

6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

These blueberry oat bars are really amazing and the healthy recipe that are just like the blueberry squares of Starbucks. These bars are really healthy that are having the strong and delicate combo of blueberry and oatmeal. It is so versatile that is when baked gives the amazing flavor.

#2: Chicken Salad:

6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

Most of the children are really fond of chicken and salads, so it is the best way to get your children eat the healthy food. The simple chicken salad is the great combination of the chicken and veggies that is what you cannot ignore. All you need to mix all the favorite ingredients of your child’s and you are done.

#3: Chocolate Parfait:

6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

Chocolates are loved by each and every person of the world and for children, chocolate are like their dream come true. The exciting chocolate recipe is something that kids really relish. When the chocolate combines with tempting mangoes or fruit of your kid’s choice, yogurt along with the flavor of ice cream gives the best taste ever.

#4: Classic French toast:

6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

Most of the children hate to eat eggs and bread. But as a matter of fact, these things are full of nutrition and that is worth eating because of their goodness. So the best way to feed the kids with the egg and bread is classic French toast. This dense bread is filled with the goodness of egg, mayonnaise, and margarine. When the toast is topped with cinnamon and some cream, it adds more taste to the healthy recipe.

#5: Healthy Snack:

6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

Here is another healthy recipe for a snack that your kids love to eat. The fact is true that the children love to munch away so in order to watch your children being healthy, try this amazing breakfast recipe that is having the goodness of dried apple, plain yogurt and the flavorful and nutritious concentration of cereals and crackers. Mix all the ingredients in the container and you are ready to bring your kids to optimum nutritious level.

#6: Family-Style Chicken Spaghetti:

6 Simple & Healthy Recipes for Kids

If you are one of those mothers who want something delicious yet healthy for their kids, the family style spaghetti makes a great choice. All you need to gather all those veggies that your kids love, sauté these veggies with some seasoning and chicken strips and toss the boiled spaghetti with it. This recipe only requires 10 minutes for preparation.

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