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Change Your Eye Color with These Miracle Foods in Just 60 Days

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As said rightly, “Eyes are the windows to the soul” is true in the sense that eyes reflect the inner beauty of the person. These are the most prominent and the best part of the human body that most of the people find attractive. But the thing is that a number of people are really not satisfied with the color of their eyes and they want to change them in order to look more attractive and beautiful.

According to the scientists, your eye color is a genetic trait that is influenced by your parent’s genetic characteristics. But the thing that is worthy of interest is that the eye color is variable and can be changed to a great extent. As for the scientific term, the iris is the colored component of the eye that determines your eye color. And a few alterations in your dietary habits can allow you to make changes in your eye color really quick.

Interested to know the foods that can change your eye color in just 60 days, then read on!


5 Miracle Foods for changing your Eye Color:

#1: Ginger:



Ginger is one of the common foods that are being used in pour home for cooking purposes. But this rhizome can do a lot more than you think. Ginger is thought to be the magical food ingredient that has the ability to change your eye color but gradually. You can use ginger in your diet two times extra then you use earlier in order to bring change in your eye color. Ginger is also known for its magical power of anti-inflammation. So using it in your diet is a plus for you.

#2: Meats:

Change Your Eye Color with These Miracle Foods in Just 60 Days

Meats, either they are lean or red, are thought to be very helpful in altering the eye color. All the meats are rich in essential mineral like zinc and magnesium which are really helpful in bringing about the color changes of iris of your eyes. Meat is also a powerhouse of proteins so using these in your diet for 60 alternate days can give you a healthy result.

#3: Nuts:

Change Your Eye Color with These Miracle Foods in Just 60 Days

If you are keen to change the color of your eyes, then adding nuts to your diet can help you greatly. The nuts are the primary source of the adequate nutrition that is witnessed to the gradual lightening of your eye color. Caution: avoid using the roasted nuts as the nutrition among them are already destroyed by high temperatures.

#4: Olive Oil:

Change Your Eye Color with These Miracle Foods in Just 60 Days

You must be aware of the magical powers of olive oil. Olive oil is known to have the medicinal effect over the person for the cure of various ailments. Its specific essential amino acids like linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid that render the soft hues of iris.

#5: Chamomile tea:

Change Your Eye Color with These Miracle Foods in Just 60 Days

This tea is also known well for its number of treats. The tea lowers down the concentration of stress hormones from the body and gives your eyes a warmer hue. When applied topically, the chamomile flowers heal all sorts of sunburns and scars.

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