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Kris Jenner Gets Compliments On Her Appearance While Blac Chyna Drama Rages On

If Kris Jenner is worried about drama and lawsuits with Blac Chyna, you’d never know it from her appearance.

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If Kris Jenner is worried about drama and lawsuits with Blac Chyna, you’d never know it from her appearance. While people continue to weigh in with theories about who leaked Blac Chyna’s sex tape, Kris Jenner continues to stun with her ever-younger appearance.

Kim Kardashian recently posted another photo of Kris Jenner wearing a platinum blonde wig. While Kim .K has committed to the bleaching process, Kris isn’t ready to go full blonde. The response from social media; however, is extremely positive of not only a blonde Kris but of how youthful she’s becoming.

Some remarked that Kris Jenner now looks better than her daughters and is appearing to age backward. Fans also noticed the sheer blouse Kris Jenner wore and stated that her whole appearance is of a woman 20 or more years younger.

It’s not just Kris Jenner’s blonde pixie-wig that’s inspiring positive feedback but her entire face seems to have undergone a recent transition. Her lips are fuller and her face is narrower, and her eyes appear wider in photos.

Pictures of a blonde Kris Jenner are going viral and the one Kim Kardashian recently shared is no exception.

From Instagram to Twitter the response is the same: people like a blonde Kris Jenner. The Kardashian Jenner clan is known for their evolving looks and sense of fashion. Kris Jenner’s youthful appearance in the viral photo may be in part due to her choice of outfit.

Not only is the sheer top figure flattering and trendy, but the comfortable pants also have an air of youthfulness to them

Fans continue to give shout-outs to Kris Jenner on her appearance and have also noticed that she doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the war brewing with Blac Chyna. Some think Kris Jenner is behind the leak while others feel it could be Blac Chyna herself.

There’s no question that there is a lot of stress in Kris Jenner’s life, but she isn’t letting any of it show up in her skin.

What do you think of Kris Jenner blonde and the way she appears in her latest photos? Do you like her blonde look?

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