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Mangoes – Nutritional & Health Benefits You Need To Know!

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Mangoes, the “King of the Fruits” are liked by everyone. Mangoes have been named in widely consumed fruit in the world. Including children, men, women and old ones, they are the love for every person. They are the refreshing treats that are produced by nature. Mangoes are nutrition dense fruits and are full of health benefits that are loved because of their sweet taste, pleasant smell, and wonderful value. It is also a good source of minerals. A large portion of Mangoes is grown in the developing countries like Pakistan and India. It tastes so good that people forget that they are healthy too.

Mangoes are rich with the magic of the nutrition and other health benefits. With approaching summers, you can get benefited with such a wonderful gift of God in the form of mangoes.


Some Nutritional Values of Mangoes:

Mangoes – Nutritional & Health Benefits You Need To Know!

A single fruit of mango is full of nutrition that it can give you almost 201 calories per fruit.

  • It contains total fat percentage about 2 % with 1% saturated fat and almost 1 % of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats combined.
  • It contains no
  • It contains the relatively high percentage of potassium that is 16 % and 564 mg.
  • It contains 20 % of the dietary fiber and total carbohydrate content is about 16 %.
  • Mango fruit is rich in vitamins with the 72% of Vitamin A, 203 % of Vitamin C and 20 % of the Vitamin B-6.
  • Mango is nutritionally rich in Calcium and magnesium with the net 10 %.


Health benefits of Mangoes:

Mangoes – Nutritional & Health Benefits You Need To Know!

Mango fruit is rich in taste and also rich in health benefits. It promotes good health; good skin and also boosts your energy level. Not only its pulp but the peels of mangoes are also full of advantages. The peel of the mango contains the considerable amount of dietary fibers and natural antioxidants that functions to reduce the oxidative reactions by eliminating the free radicals present in our body.

Mango as a Medicinal Fruit:

Mangoes – Nutritional & Health Benefits You Need To Know!

According to the copious scientific research, mangoes are proved to be the medicinal fruits that are produced naturally. They contain the nutrients that can help:

  • To clear our skin. Mangoes can be used both externally and internally for treating the skin. It helps to clear the clogged pores and also very beneficial in clearing the pimples from the skin.
  • It also Promotes Eye health, as it contains a large amount of Vitamin A in it. It promotes the good vision, prevents the night blindness and helps to treat the dry eyes.
  • Helps to stave off the Diabetes. It maintains the insulin levels in the blood and that helps to get rid of
  • Also prevents cancer. A number of researches have shown that antioxidants that are present in the peels of mangoes can help prevent the formation and spread of the cancers of colon, breast, and

So stay healthy and live healthy while enjoying mangoes this summer!

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