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The Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid You’re Making

Stop making these skincare mistakes and get flawless skin!

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Looking beautiful and attractive is the ultimate dream of every girl out there. Of course, the “Skin Deep beauty” has got a point in the modern world of glamour. And that is the reason why most of the girls keep on looking for the ways through which they can enhance their looks.

As a matter of fact, looking beautiful and achieving glowing flawless skin is the toughest task that comes along hand in hand with proper skin care. Being beautiful is only a matter of healthy skin – but unfortunately, it gets affected by every aspect of our life from what you eat to what you do to your skin.

So if you want to get the flawless and healthy skin without spending a fortune, check out the skincare mistakes you need to avoid that you are making.

#1: Over- Exfoliating:

The Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid You're Making

You might have heard most of the beauticians talking about exfoliating your skin on a regular basis to achieve healthy and spotless skin. Indulging in getting too much exfoliation can damage your skin very badly, that can be the cause of most of your skin problems including redness and breakouts. Moreover, over time rubbing and scrubbing too hard can also lead wrinkles over your skin especially within the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

Tip: So, for a healthy skin without any breakouts and wrinkles, all you need is to scrub gently over the face maximum twice or thrice a week and skip harsh micro-granules. Also, avoid the skin near eyes and lips- as the skin around is way too sensitive than other skin over the face.

#2: Multi- cleansing in Wrong Order:

The Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid You're Making

Cleansing is the first step when it comes to a skincare routine. But wait, are you cleansing it right? That’s where the problem begins. For the girls that are used to wear a lot of makeup, especially the long-wear foundation along with the primer base – that one step cleansing is not at all enough to cleanse your skin thoroughly. One step cleansing does not remove all the traces of makeup and ultimately cause the deposition of dirt and makeup in the pores, making you to cause breakouts.

Tip: For this, you need to start with the multi- cleansing in the right order. If you are wearing makeup including your eyes, then start with your eyes and following that, you need to use facial cleansing wipes to gently remove all the makeup from your face. After that, finish the cleansing off using a gentle cleanser with minimal chemicals.

#3: Not Washing Face Correctly:

The Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid You're Making

Another most common skin care mistake that I bet, you are making is not washing your face correctly. The way you lather up and where you lather up actually matters. And that’s what is causing problems for your skin.

Tip: if you want to make your cleanser or face wash work, then you have to move your middle and index fingers from inside of your face to outwards using the circular motions. This would not only cleanse the makeup but also it will reduce the puffiness of your skin by pushing the lymphatic drainage system.

#4: Sunscreen is Not Only for summers:

The Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid You're Making

Most of the people think that sunscreen is made just for the summer and sunny days to protect the skin. But as a matter of fact, sunscreen protecting is the best way through one can delay the necessary evil – aging. The sunscreen helps to protect the screen from the UV rays and protects your skin from being sunburned.

Tip: wear it every day and look for the one that ranges from SPF 30 or higher.

#5: Picking on Your Face:

The Skin Care Mistakes to Avoid You're Making

We all are aware of this fact that we shouldn’t do this, but lots of us do this anyway. A single pimple can cause tons of pimples on your skin anytime you pick or pull at your skin. This not only damages your skin but also causes irritation, scars, and wrinkles, making your appearance even worst.

Tip: Just Stop.

Avoid these common skin care mistakes and achieve the flawless and radiant skin like the one you always dreamt of!

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